31 Oct 2017


The National Disability Insurance Scheme (or NDIS) will significantly change the way that disability services are funded and delivered across Australia. The NDIS first launched in July 2013 and has been progressively rolling out in regions across Australia since then.

The NDIS focuses on the participant, your child, and their needs across their whole life. The NDIS means that for the first time, families will get to choose the organisation or organisations that will deliver the supports for their child. Funding will go directly to families and not to child disability service providers like InFocus.

As a registered NDIS service provider in Ipswich, where the roll-out of the NDIS commenced from July 2017, the InFocus team are working with families to help them understand and prepare for the new NDIS world.

We have a long and proud history of providing family support for children with disabilities in Brisbane. Formerly known as Xavier Children’s Support Network, we have a been providing support for children with complex disabilities in Brisbane and the greater Brisbane area since 1951.

Now, in 2017, we’re working with families to help them get “NDIS ready” and to understand:

the NDIS process and when to start pre-planning
how to get the best outcomes from their first NDIS plans
NDIS terminology and the right way to ask for supports
what an NDIS plan looks like
If you are looking for disability support services for children in Ipswich or Brisbane including specialist support such as therapy support for children in Brisbane and you would like more help in understanding any aspect of the NDIS please give us a call today and we’ll be happy to help.

If you are already a part of the InFocus family and are receiving support and services for children with disabilities in Brisbane or the greater Brisbane area and have any questions about your transition, we’re here to help. Please give us a call on 07 3216 8811 (South Brisbane office) or 07 3216 6950 (North Brisbane office).