06 Feb 2020

Therapy & the NDIS for children with a disability in Ipswich - Part 1

The NDIS first became available in the Ipswich area back in July 2017. Even now, in 2020, it can be confusing for parents and caregivers to understand how therapy works within the NDIS. Over two articles, we cover some of the basics.

What is therapy called in the NDIS?

In your child’s plan there are three main categories of support. These are core supports, capital supports and capacity building supports. Therapy is categorised as a capacity building support. It is a support that enables the participant to build their skills and to increase independence over time.

What types of therapy will the NDIS fund?

As with any support under the NDIS, it must be considered to be reasonable and necessary for funding to be approved. In order to meet this criteria for therapy support, the NDIA will be looking for information that the support will benefit your child and help them to reach their goals.

What providers can I access for therapy?

How your plan is managed will determine whether you are restricted to registered NDIS providers or not and this goes for therapy too. If your plan is NDIA managed (agency managed) then you can only use registered providers. Registered NDIS providers meet strict government safety and quality standards.

Check out Part 2 of our blog series Therapy & the NDIS for children with a disability in Ipswich next week.