24 Feb 2020

Therapy support for children with a disability: Coming to Ipswich

Therapy can play such an important role in supporting children and young people with a disability and health related needs. We will soon be opening our new community therapy clinic in Eastern Heights so that our multi-disciplinary therapy team can support more children and their families in the Ipswich area.

What role does therapy play?

As part of a multi-disciplinary approach occupational therapy, speech therapy and physiotherapy can support children and young people with a disability in the following ways.

Promote independence

Therapy will support your child to improve their ability in everyday tasks as well as gross and fine motor skills and communication, giving your child more independence.

Increase confidence

As your child’s ability to complete tasks and communicate more independently increases they may start to feel more confident in their abilities.

Encourage participation

With increased confidence, children and young people may be more willing to participate in the social aspects of everyday life at school, at home and in their communities.  

Our new community therapy clinic will open at on 17 Blackstone Rd, Eastern Heights in early March 2020. Our therapy team are looking forward to working with more children and young adults in the Ipswich area to increase their independence, confidence and participation in every day activities.