17 Sep 2020

In home disability support: Helping busy families

At Xavier, we provide in home support for Brisbane children and young adults with complex disabilities and related health needs. Our Support Workers are trained by our Registered Nurses and Occupational Therapists to help families with the tailored care that they need.  

We know that families of children with complex needs are always very busy and it can feel like there just aren’t enough hours in the day. We’ve put together our top three tips for helping with feelings of being overwhelmed, from our team of in home Support Workers.

Meal Prep

Meal prepping will save time each evening after a busy day. Plan out what you’re going to eat each evening and get all of the necessary supplies at your weekly shop.  You can also save money by cooking up large batches and freezing them. Search “batch cooking” online and you’ll get lots of ideas for tasty and healthy family meals.

Waiting it out

We all know that parents and carers of children with disability spend a lot of time waiting for medical, health and other appointments that your child needs to attend. Put this time to better use by catching up on emails, doing your meal plan for the week, or even doing your online shopping. Stolen moments can be super productive.

File important docs

Being able to put your hands on paperwork as it’s needed will save a lot of time. Spending 10 minutes rummaging around drawers looking for a doctor’s referral the morning of an appointment can set you up for a stressful day! Consider creating files for school, NDIS, Equipment, Medication and so on, whatever works for you.

Further information  

To get further information on Xavier in-home support for children and young people with disability and related health needs, call us on 1800 XAVIER or visit our Support Worker page.