24 Sep 2020

Occupational therapy at home: Building hand strength

With the evolving health situation, for some families it has become more difficult to get to regular therapy appointments. So now more than ever, it’s a great idea to try activities at home (as well as your regular therapy sessions when you can get to them) to support your child to meet their therapy goals. In this article, our team of Occupational Therapists provide some ideas and activities to help to build your child’s hand strength.  

Paper balls

Get your child to crumple up pieces of scrap paper into the smallest possible balls. You can even then try flicking the balls either randomly or towards a target.

Peg grips

Have your child try using clothes pegs to grip small objects like pom poms. You can incorporate sorting too by arranging the pom poms into cups according to colour.

Spray bottles

Hours of fun can be had watering plants or the grass with a spray bottle filled with water or have one handy in the bath.

Play clay

Squishing play clay or play-doh works lots of tiny little muscles. Also try using cutters to create play-doh cookie shapes.

Squeezing sponges

Using small craft sponges, soak them in water and encourage your child to squeeze out the water with one hand. Or use a larger sponge and get your child to use two hands to squeeze.

Further information  

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