15 Jul 2021

Speech Therapy: Supporting children in North Lakes

Our new community therapy clinic is opening soon in North Lakes to support children, teens and young adults with a disability. One of the ways that we will provide support is through speech therapy (also known as speech pathology). What exactly is speech pathology and how does it support children with disability?


Speech Pathology Australia explain that the role of a Speech Pathologist is to “study, diagnose and treat communication disorders, including difficulties with speaking, listening, understanding language, reading, writing, social skills, stuttering and using voice.” Children and young people who have difficulty with swallowing can also be helped with support from a Speech Pathologist.


Speech Therapy can support children who experience challenges with communication for a number of reasons such as development delays, learning disability, brain injuries, cerebral palsy, intellectual disability hearing loss and other problems that can affect speech and language.


Our North Lakes Speech Pathologists can support children and young people with a disability to meet their therapy goals which may include:


  • Strengthening the tiny muscles in and around the mouth that are needed for verbal speech and eating
  • Introducing new words and language
  • Improving understanding and how well your child is understood
  • Support with non-verbal communication including signing, gesturing, using PODD books or devices or using visual aids
  • Improving their ability to express their thoughts, ideas and feelings
  • Supporting your child for school readiness
  • Help to improve confidence and ability to socialise and make friends
  • Developing pre-literacy and literacy skills


North Lakes speech therapy sessions can be funded through your child’s NDIS plan, Medicare, private health insurance or private funding.


Further information

If you live in the North Lakes area and would like further information about how speech therapy can support your child with a disability, simply email or call 1800 XAVIER today.