08 Nov 2021

Providing NDIS funded respite care in Brisbane

Xavier has been supporting Brisbane families of children living with disabilities for over 70 years. Since the beginning of the NDIS in 2017 we’ve also helped families navigate its ins and outs to get the support they need, including access to respite care.

Respite care is when family members or carers help support those living with disabilities and this can be done in or away from the home. Participants and their carers receive funding to support each other through everyday activities around the house and opportunities to explore new hobbies in the community.

 This includes:

  • Joining and participating in social and community groups
  • Short stays out of home to pursue activities
  • Time off and extra support for you or your child’s regular carers

Helping you get the best respite care from the NDIS

If it’s your first time accessing the NDIS or respite care, or you’re simply requesting changes to your funding, Xavier is here to help families of children living with disabilities all across Brisbane.

The NDIS provides funding for what is reasonable and necessary for your child’s respite care. Reasonable means things which everyone should fairly have access to, and necessary means they are needed to manage a disability. To help make sense of what this means for you, your child, and their carer, our team are here to help you understand what options are available. Xavier can help you understand how to request funding for the following supports:

  • Short term accommodation for your child and their carer, allowing them to take part in their community and try new activities all over Brisbane
  • Giving you or your child’s carer time off from their responsibilities
  • Food allocation during their time away from home
  • Funding for groups or individuals depending on your child’s needs

The different types of respite care available

The NDIS funds short- or medium-term respite care away from home in Brisbane. This can last from as little as a few hours, to up to fourteen days.

Anything longer than a fortnight is considered long term and is not covered by the NDIS as respite care. The purpose of this care is to give your child and you, their carer a break to enjoy or pursue other activities and explore their community. Longer breaks or holidays are not deemed reasonable or necessary.

Welcome to Xavier Place

Xavier Place is Xavier’s own respite centre in Yeerongpilly, Brisbane. Built for this exact purpose, it provides specialised, short-term accommodation for children and young people living with disabilities and related health needs.

At Xavier Place, your child will receive quality care, all while being supported by our expert team of support workers trained by registered nurses and therapists and making awesome new friends. Xavier Place provides your child with:

  • A wide range of fun, age-appropriate activities, both indoors and outdoors
  • A sensory room and a relaxation room to help with emotion and behaviour regulation
  • An on-call nurse
  • Support Workers trained by our occupational therapists and registered nurses
  • Overnight wake and sleep shifts for the safety of your child
  • A hi-lo bed and ceiling hoist in each bedroom
  • State-of-the-art security

Find out more

Our team is here to support your access to the NDIS to receive funding for your child’s respite care. Simply call 1800 XAVIER or email for further information on any of these topics if you think Xavier Place might be the right fit for your child.