10 Feb 2022

Xavier: Providing Physiotherapy for Children Living with Disability in North Lakes

Xavier supports children living with disabilities and their families all across Brisbane by providing them with a wide variety of different types of therapy. This includes providing physiotherapy at our North Lakes clinic. From this location, Xavier’s own team of trained physiotherapists can help your child with skills relating to their physical ability and development. The result of which will be a happier, healthier, and more active life for your child.

Xavier has been supporting children and young adults living with disabilities and their families for over 70 years now. Our specialist team of physiotherapists have assisted countless young people in their therapy journeys, and it is this experience which makes Xavier the perfect choice for giving your child with complex disability the physiotherapy support they need in order to truly live their best life.

What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy supports children and young people who live with a disability and find that they often encounter problems which relate to their physical development. This can include bone or muscle weaknesses, or delays in the natural changes to their bodies to name just a few examples. Following are the services provided by Xavier’s North Lakes based physiotherapists and how they can help improve your child’s physical wellbeing:

  • Assisting your child in developing better posture, spine health, and overall physical stamina
  • Helping your child to improve and increase their total level of fitness, including their strength and mobility, and their self-sufficiency in physical activities
  • Helping your child to manage, reduce, and possibly even eliminate any physical pain they regularly experience
  • Aid your child as they recover from injuries
  • Developing good exercise habits for your child in order to help them achieve and maintain better physical fitness as they grow up
  • Creating a genuine interest in physical activities such as group sports and games, and thus expanding their participation and social skills. This will help your child with making and keeping new friends, and finding greater enjoyment in their lives
  • Improving your child’s balance and reducing the risk and likelihood of falls and the serious injuries which can incur as a result
  • Delivering a drastic and comprehensive increase to your child’s quality of life, leading to a consistently happier and healthier child

Do you need assistance helping your child receive physiotherapy?

Receiving physiotherapy at Xavier’s North Lakes clinic can be funded through the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), so long as it is deemed reasonable or necessary to help your child to meet their goals. Reasonable things are those which each and every person should have fair access to, and necessary things are needed to manage the disability that your child lives with.

Accessing funding through the NDIS can be complex for newcomers and those trying to make changes to their existing funding alike. Alongside our sister organisation InFocus, Xavier has been helping the families of children living with disabilities easily receive or make changes to funding for their child’s physiotherapy.

Xavier’s Clinic Locations

For those too far away from North Lakes, we provide physiotherapy at locations across Brisbane where you can receive assistance for your child’s physiotherapy journey. These include:

  • North Brisbane
  • South Brisbane
  • Springfield Lakes
  • Chermside West
  • Scarborough
  • Ipswich
  • Wooloowin
  • Logan

Xavier’s therapists are also able to provide home visits, helping your child from where they feel most comfortable and are directly supported by their family.

Find out more

Xavier’s friendly and expert support team are always standing by to support you and to help your child receive the best physiotherapy they can. Simply call 1800 XAVIER or email for further information.