Celebrating Speech Pathology Week



This Speech Pathology week (19-25 August 2018) we are celebrating our amazing “Speechies”! Speech Pathology week aims to promote the invaluable work that Speech Pathologists do to help over 1.1 million Australians including children. The theme of this year’s Speech Pathology week is “Communication access is communication for all!” which we think is very fitting for our kids.

What is Speech Pathology?

A Speech Pathologist will study, diagnose and treat communication disorders which include difficulties with speaking, listening, understanding language, reading, writing, social skills and for verbal communicators stuttering and using their voice.  

However, Speech Pathologists don’t just focus on speech (although the name can be confusing!) and often will work with children who have difficulty swallowing food and drink safely.

About Speechies

Speech Pathologists are university trained Allied Health professionals. Paediatric speech pathologists may work directly with children in therapy, as well as working with families or in schools with teachers to help enhance a child’s communication skills.

Diagnosis & treatment

Speech pathologists use assessment tools to diagnose a child’s issues and devise a treatment plan that best suits their individual needs. Treatment plans may include direct therapy with the child, education and training for parents, carers and teachers on how to support the child, or monitoring the child for any changes in their condition.

Speech pathologists may also recommend and assist with Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC). AAC includes systems, strategies and devices that help children who find it difficult to speak or write to communicate more easily. This can include ‘unaided systems’ like signing and gestures or ‘aided systems’ like picture charts, books and special computers or devices.

If you’d like further information on Xavier’s Speech Pathology Services please call us on 3216 8811.