Therapy Blog: A Parent’s Guide to Speech Pathology

Speech pathology can be commonly referred to as speech/language therapy. If your child has been newly referred for speech pathology or you’re just starting out on your therapy journey, you may be wondering just what it’s all about.

Therapy Blog: Why we love Music Therapy

Have you ever been going about your day, driving to work or shopping in your local supermarket and you hear a song that takes you right back to an entirely different time in your life? It’s pretty extraordinary that a song can completely alter how we’re feeling, sometimes only temporarily but the affects can be even longer term.

Therapy Blog: Early Language and Communication

Understanding early language and communication as adults, can help us to better support children as they’re learning. A Speech Pathologist can work with your child to identify communication difficulties, formulate therapy goals and support your child’s early communication development.

Therapy Blog: What is Chaining?

Forward chaining and backward chaining are techniques used to teach children to learn tasks that have multiple steps.  Chaining actively involves the child in the task and helps them to master one step at a time until all steps are mastered.

Therapy at Home: Routines and Transitioning

When we’re out of our usual routine things can get a little stressful for children and parents. To get a routine working well it’s super important to have successful communication of your routine and to transition between activities well.  

Connecting with nature during COVID-19

In these new and strange times, we’ve all been told to limit the amount of time we spend outside of our homes and not to venture too far. So how can you ensure you and your family are experiencing nature and all its benefits?

Therapy at Home: Chores

With many Queensland children set to “learn from home” for the first 5 weeks of Term 2, parents are understandably feeling anxious about the new role that they will play in their child’s education. As parents, there are lots of “life lessons” we can teach our kids at home and have some fun along the way.

Therapy at Home: Support For Toileting

When a child has a disability toilet training can present its own unique challenges and getting started can feel like a big step. It’s ok to feel overwhelmed. In this article we look at some of the common questions we receive from families and responses from our team.