How to get equipment repaired under the NDIS



As children with physical disabilities rely on equipment to help them every day, it is disruptive and can be upsetting when vital equipment breaks.

Before the roll out of the NDIS, the procedure was usually to let your Occupational Therapist know and they would organise the necessary repairs, or to call the Medical Aids Subsidy Scheme (MASS) and they would sort it out. Under the NDIS, the process has changed.

If you find yourself in this situation don’t panic! This is what you need to do:


Step 1 – Get a quote for repair

  • Contact the equipment supplier directly to describe the issue and get a quote for repair.
    • How do you know who the supplier is?
  • The equipment will often have a sticker on with the supplier’s name and contact details. If you can’t find a sticker, then Google search the name of the item + “supplier Brisbane” and that should give you a place to start.
  • You may have a copy of the quote in your records from when the equipment trials were done.
  • If you’re not sure who the supplier was but the equipment came through MASS, they may still have a record of the supplier.
    • The following information needs to be supplied to be able to get a quote, so have it handy when you call the supplier:
  • Participant’s name (who uses the equipment)
  • Your name, address and contact details
  • Participant’s NDIS number and date range
  • Participant’s date of birth
  • The supplier will email a quote for the repair to you (for complex repair the supplier will need to see the item, otherwise they should be able to quote from photos and/or a description over the phone)


Step 2 – Approving the quote

  • Plan Managed: If equipment repair in your child’s plan is Plan Managed the quote needs to go to their Plan Manager who then confirms with the supplier that there are sufficient funds in the plan to cover the repairs. The supplier will then issue an invoice.
  • Self Managed: If you are self-managed, you approve the quote and the supplier then issues an invoice to you.
  • NDIA Managed:
    • If equipment repairs are listed under Assistive Technology as NDIA managed in your child’s plan, the supplier will submit a quote to the NDIA for approval. Once approved, the supplier can claim for the cost of their services via the NDIS portal. No exchange of invoices is required in this situation.
    • If the cost of repair of an equipment item is not covered under Assistive Technology, you may choose to claim for this under Consumables. The supplier will still need to claim the cost via a service booking in the NDIS portal and you may wish to be advised of the claim cost and provide approval if needed.


Step 3 -  Repair

Once the invoice has been issued for payment, the supplier can book the repair.


Equipment service

If an equipment service is needed, the process is the same. It is recommended that all equipment with moving parts be serviced once a year to maintain good working order and extend the life of the equipment.