Skye playing and having fun at mainstream Kindergarten St Cecilia's in Hamilton, Brisbane

Mainstream childcare for children with complex disability



Research shows that when children with disability are given the opportunity to participate in mainstream early childhood education, they will have better educational, social and developmental outcomes later in life.

At Xavier, we have been making this a reality for Brisbane children and families, working with them to help them understand how to request NDIS funding to provide the support needed for their child to participate in mainstream childcare.

Richard Littler, Xavier CEO explains “we know that in the past many of the children and families we support have not been able to participate in mainstream early childhood education. This is because the children often require one-on-one support from experienced staff with specific training on their individual needs. With the NDIS, parents have more choice and control around their child’s early education, enabling children with disability and associated health needs to participate in mainstream childcare with their peers with the specialised support that they need.”

In 2019, 4-year-old Skye pioneered a program developed by Xavier in partnership with Catholic Early EdCare to enable children with complex health needs arising from disability to participate in mainstream childcare. Skye has a rare genetic disorder and at 4 years old she needed daily health support. Skye’s parents wanted her to participate in mainstream childcare with children of her own age but they really didn’t know what was possible. With one-on-one support from a Xavier Support Worker, this wish became a reality and Skye was able to participate in St Cecilia’s Kindergarten program.

vANESSA AND sKYE.jpg “Childcare was just such an incredible experience for Skye and for us as a family. At the start of the journey, we weren’t quite sure what was going to be possible but we couldn’t have hoped for a better start to Skye’s education. To watch Skye make friends and have so much fun, it was amazing to see.”

Skye’s mum, Vanessa 

Richard Littler adds “Every child should have the opportunity to be a part of mainstream early childhood education and we have a responsibility to provide pathways for our most vulnerable children to have the same rights as other children - to make friends, learn lifelong skills and to play alongside their typically developing peers.”

If you'd like to know more about how we can support your child to participate in mainstream childcare simply visit our childcare page, fill in our simple online form and we will be in touch.